Zebra Cake with Mocha Sauce

Have any of you seen this zebra stripe cake tutorial? Once I saw it, I knew I had to try it. It looks so flawless and tedious to make on the inside, but really it’s just a trick of how you arrange your batter.


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Lazy Fruit Shortbread – A Summer-in-April Treat!

I don’t know about all of you guys around the world, but it is getting warmer and warmer around here. Summer creeps up on us.

Around here, summer is sort of unsure if it should knock or ring the doorbell, so it decides to just barge in unannounced instead.


It got eaten up really fast!

When I think summer, I think of cakes that are best served cold, just like revenge. And though I’ve never really been a fruit person (my main intake of fruit is probably through cakes and muffins. I’m sort of alright with that) , I will admit that fruity cakes really hit the spot  when you want something refreshing and light.

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Pomegranate Spice Cake

A slice of the cake!

Hi everyone!

Though really there is no “everyone” yet. It’s really just me.

Or maybe you’re someone who got lost on Google while searching for something like cats, and eventually stumbled here because cats maybe like pomegranates, and it says “pomegranate” in the title and you thought I might mention feline eating habits.

Let me send you on your way right now because I don’t intend to talk much about a cat’s diet. Unless you really are a cat. Do you like Pomegranate Spice Cake? Do you like cakes at all? Gosh, I have so much to ask you…

But in the unlikely case that you are a human reading this, let me get to the point.

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