Hello, stranger, and I’m glad that you found this blog/website/wordpress thing/whatever the heck you want to call it. Hopefully you’ll also be glad you did.

You must be wondering: why “Mamaland Island”?

Well, when my younger brother and I were little, we made up a whole world, and we called it Mamaland. He came up with the name, and it was a long time ago, so I don’t actually know why we called it that. I know, disappointing explanation. Anyway, it was an island (duh), and we were the rulers there. There was a language (conveniently named “Mamalanguage”), which included a fabulous alphabet. This is how we wrote codes. Also, we drew maps and wrote some stories about what happened there, which were just tales of what great rulers we were.

So, really, Mamaland Island is a fictional place. But blogs aren’t physical places, they’re virtual. So I thought I might as well give some sort of reality (however virtual) to Mamaland of old.

I’ll post photography and recipes here as often as possible. Thanks for stopping by!






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