Chocolate Matzo Cake – And it doesn’t taste like cardboard!

Have I gotten your attention yet?


I find it to be a real problem for matzo desserts (and Passover food in general) to taste edible. It’s quite difficult to achieve a taste that borders on something you might consider eating when you don’t keep kosher for Passover.

Not trying to be whiny,  I mean, I don’t even keep Passover-kosher. Only for the Seder do I actually try to follow those rules. The fact that I’m sort of foggy on what they are has never very much bothered anyone. (If you don’t know what “Passover” or a “Seder” is, this helps a lot.)


Anyway, this is an extremely simple recipe which may take you all of 10 minutes to complete, so that you can spend your time making matzo ball soup or something. All it takes is some dipping, stacking, and spreading. And repeat.

First, you’ll take a stack of 5 matzos and run them under cold tap water.

Then, you’ll dip one matzo in kiddush wine, as you see right here…


Ooh, gurl, I just got my nails did! And by the way, the other dish is in order to place the matzo. That’s called mise en place, people.

After that, you’ll spread some sort of chocolate spread on top, covering every edge so that the matzo doesn’t remain dry. Now, I used Nutella, and was perfectly happy with that. Then I was informed that Nutella is not kosher for Passover…so instead you could use the spread “Hashachar”, which is supposedly KFP.

Then you just repeat the process until you run out of your 5 matzos, and stick it in the refrigerator to set.

You may want to make a double recipe because it just gets eaten so fast. Pieces start to suspiciously disappear, and before you know it, it’s gone!

Chocolate Matzo Cake

5 matzos

2 cups chocolate spread

1/4 bottle kiddush wine

tap water

Stack the 5 matzos together and put them under the sink in a stream of cold tap water for a few seconds, so that the matzos on the top and bottom are getting the most water. You want them to be less dry but not quite soggy yet.

Pour wine into a large dish and prepare another dish nearby for assembly and chilling. Mix the chocolate spread with a few drops of tap water in order to water it down a bit for easy spreading.

Now, take one wet matzo and submerge it in the wine. Make sure it gets entirely covered in wine and is very wet. All the edges should be equally covered as well, so that the cake doesn’t turn out crunchy. Place the matzo in the next dish and cover the top of it with chocolate spread.

Repeat the process with each of the remaining matzos, stacking them one on top of the other. Leave the most chocolate for the top, and once you’re done you can place the cake in the fridge to set for at least an hour.


Chag sameach!  (= Happy holiday!)


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