Happy (Late) Pi Day! – Strawberry Pie

So, I know it’s not Pi Day. But it was…two days ago. And I didn’t have time to make any pie on the actual day, so I postponed it to yesterday. The actual writing of this post was then pushed to today because I made it last night. Aaand now you’re all caught up.


I had never actually made a fruit pie before, but I have always wanted to make a strawberry pie. Strawberries just handle baking very well, I think. Raspberries, too. Maybe it’s a red-fruit-only club. Extremely exclusive, you’ve probably never heard of it.


I’ve decided to become observant of Pi Day. Not for mathematical reasons at all. I just figure: why should I pass up an excuse to make/eat pie, right?


I found this recipe for a beautiful strawberry rhubarb pie. I’ve never worked with rhubarb, but I know that it adds tartness. Should be good to try one day.

And so, with no rhubarb and two pounds of strawberries on hand, I set off. After washing the strawberries, I hulled them using a little trick I learned (which you can find here) that lets you easily take the stems off by poking the bottom with a straw. It’s easy, quick, and probably more fun than it was intended to be. Once you’re done hulling, slice the strawberries in half or in quarters, depending on how big they are.


The crust is really something else. Flaky, buttery and surprisingly easy to work with. I expected a pie crust to fight with me, but I guess that’s not how it is.


Which brings me to my next point: I made my very first lattice yesterday. Before I started, I looked at this step-by-step guide, which helped me a lot. I know the lattice isn’t perfect, but to be honest, nobody actually cares once they get a warm slice of strawberry heaven in front of them.

I had to make this in a springform pan because I have no pie pan of which to speak. It’s probably not ideal for pie crust, because I had to patch it up a bit on the sides to make it around the same height.


I still had some dough left over, so I used a small cookie cutter to make shapes and stuck them on top.

3304_3321 copy

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to brush one egg on top, along with some sugar.


Here’s the original recipe:

The only change I made was that I added more strawberries in place of the rhubarb.



What’s your favorite type of pie?


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