Use Up Old Cake: Quick Chocolate Balls

…you never knew you needed this.


Yes, everyone. Chocolate in yet another compact form. Also, quick. It’s sort of like a fast version of a cake pop. Minus the frosting. And the baking. And the lollipop stick. Okay, forget that.


It’s a really flexible recipe, and it can get rid of the dry cake you made last week. Because of this flexibility, there really isn’t anything with actual measurements.

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Oznei Haman = Haman’s Ears. Literally.

If ever the day comes, it’ll probably be difficult to prove I’m not a cannibal after this post. After all, “Haman’s Ears”? But don’t freak out just yet. That’s not a good enough reason to freak out.


Stop and smell the flowers. And the hamantaschen.

Wait until you see the amazingness that is Oznei Haman/Hamantaschen, and then proceed to freak out. I’ll wait.

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